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1 year ago
She is so tiny and his dick so huge that her abdomen bulges when he thrusts his cock inside her. And he did not even ram his dick all the way in. I would have gone in balls deep and released my load there.
Jack mehoff 2 years ago
That was horrible, he didnt even give her a good load
Not good 1 year ago
Her expression took me out of it. If you can't at least act, you should be doing porn. A tiny stature doesn't automatically mean good for porn. There was no energy, yeah he wants fucking her all the way but could you blame him. The look on her face was repulsive.
:(( 2 years ago
Why homegirl look like god himself told her he’s disappointed
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Long black dick 2 years ago
This was bad....he not even putting all the dick in...u have to shove that shit in her guts....make her feel that dick