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Female 3 years ago
All that hard work he's putting in and she puts zero effort in to the blow job
MASHALLAH 2 years ago
This man is a legend.. wow.
3 years ago
The bitch annoying
Life 2 years ago
I didn’t even come here to jerk off i just wanted to see passion :(
Ughhh 2 years ago
This guy is so good. I've always fancied getting fucked by my guy while I just lie in bed coz I'm lazy as f*ck. I just want to be eaten, fingered, and f*ck without doing much effort. This is hot.
Arianna 3 years ago
This soooo sexy
2 years ago
good luck getting rid of her down the road, this the type of chic that will smash your shit up when you try to break up lololol
B0aty 3 years ago
This guy must have the literal hand and penis of the almighty himself. The mere presence of his index and middle finger cause women within a 10 foot radius to orgasm... good thing mom didn’t walk in xd
Clit Flick 2 years ago
This is fucking great! I love his passion!
Pihuu 2 years ago
Loved the rawness of them both. Intense moments.