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@ Krista 5 years ago
Just out of curiosity though, has your black lover ever licked your feet? Just asking because in this video, the black lover licks her feet. It seemed to have caught her off guard, but it was cool of her to let him continue doing it.
big fat cock 7 years ago
What kind of weird dude wants some big black guy to destroy his wifes pussy in front of him and then on top of it all, tells the guy to cum inside her? Wtf? lol
k lew 6 years ago
love to fuck her
John 6 years ago
This one is still my favorite, I keep coming back to it! She is a very lovely woman, nice figure. She obviously enjoys having his magnificent cock between her lips. I always tingle when I see him kissing her ass and tonguing her asshole. The smile on her lips and sparkle in her eyes when his marvelous cock is in her pussy is so erotic. Damn, I wish I could be her!!! Even if only for one day.
Lindsay 6 years ago
Sheila, does your husband like doing a 3some with you and your bbc? My husband tried but he didn't seem to enjoy it. He didn't like the fact that the bull that was with me always wanted to shoot his nut deep in me. He realized that I needed it and wanted their seed so bad. It got to the point where I didn't want any other sperm in me except from a black cock. That pretty much did it when he knew that I jus wanted to become a black cock whore. Kisses to you. Where do you live Sheila?
[email protected] 7 years ago
Why would he want to fuck a black chick?
Lilpecker 6 years ago
Mmmmmmmm Sheila and Lindsay I wish either of you were my wife. I want a wife who loves young BBC. And let me watch. I would lick up all those creampies
Lindsay 6 years ago
@Sheila, I was married but he realized that I was hooked on black men so he moved on. We are still friends and sometimes see him at the club I hang at with my handsome black men. I love walking into the club and seeing all the bulls at a table. I know exactly how each one taste and how big and hard their cocks get. I also ride bareback. There is no other way. I dress for them and love to know I can make them get hard even at the club. I love to be use by them and filled to overflowing.
Sheila 6 years ago
Sorry my first comment was so long, but I had to edit it a little. It was too large lol! Anyway, I wasn't the first white woman he had fucked, but I was the first married white woman he had fucked, so it was a special evening for him too. I am happy to say that he fucked me 3 times that evening, all bareback (I only do bareback lol). I sucked his cock quite a few times (not to climax), so I integrated both my mouth and my pussy that evening.
John 6 years ago
Knight's vids are really the best. They are so much better than the trash the studios put out. This one almost makes me wish I was a white wife so that I could be fucked by these studs over and over again. These white women know quality cock when they feel it *g*